Who will benefit from your services?

Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of companies that manage their affiliate program or are just about to launch their affiliate business. We support only a B2B format (we do not directly help affiliates, only merchants). We provide support for companies that need a comprehensive development strategy, as well as assistance in marketing work on their affiliate program and their product sites.

What does a free trial of your affiliate program consist of, and how can I order it?

If you already have an affiliate program and want to check how effective it looks for potential customers and partners, we suggest that you test the work of your affiliate business directly with our marketers completely free of charge. A professional and comprehensive test will help you look at your business with new eyes, and to identify critical errors on sites which may mean you are losing new sales and registrations. You may learn how you are moving along the wrong path in your work, and you urgently need to turn that tide. Furthermore, this test will allow you to accurately understand what you need to change in your work and your websites, and what kinds of services you need. This personalized approach helps to form a robust and competitive growth strategy for your affiliate business, which can take the lead in your niche.

Do you conduct SEO analysis manually or with the help of some services?

We use all vital SEO services, such as Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, etc. But they are only needed for data collection and general analysis. As specialists, we conduct testing individually, studying your sites and today's methods of working to identify critical errors and find solutions. We look at how Google ranks your site, and what customers and potential partners expect. Sometimes simple changes can raise profit exponentially.

Which service package should I choose?

Currently we offer one free and two paid cooperation packages. In fact, they are the stages in our work with you. First, we conduct a free audit of your business and determine its weak points (it's FREE), where you are currently losing traffic, sales, partners. Then, we make a competent strategy of development and growth. Next, we can set you up with a nonstop service in the Affiliate Patronage package, providing 100% coverage of marketing issues.

Can I order the Affiliate Strategy package again or at regular intervals?

In the Affiliate Strategy package, we make a detailed development plan, but often clients turn to us for an additional program of marketing goals and choose this package, using it as a guideline for their work. As you no doubt appreciate, the number of goals and solutions you have grows exponentially as your business develops.

How will we interact?

1. You apply here for a free audit and tell us about your current problems and tasks. 2. We undertake to assess your business in all areas indicated in the package. 3. We register you in the Asana task management system and designate each task that is being tested. We exchange tasks, messages, files, and comments. Contractors can also sign up there for specific tasks. 4. We send you a report in the form of a convenient PDF file and also create comments in the task management system, and we communicate with you about each item. 5. Then, you can order one of our packages, after concluding the trial. You will receive an invoice. 6. We require a 100% down payment before the start of work. 7. After the agreement is made, we form the task plan that will be included in the cooperation package and begin interaction with you in the task management system. 8. You will receive preliminary reports on the work progress, if required. 9. When the work is finished, you receive a detailed report on the job done. Also, you can see the progress of tasks in Asana, where we provide feedback on all stages of work. You can always see our workflow and evaluate it at any time. 10. In all paid work packages, we will provide support during business hours by Skype, instant messenger, in the Task Manager, by e-mail or phone.

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I want to open my affiliate program with your help

We provide consulting and planning services for setting up affiliate businesses. This is the ideal option when you initially contact us for marketing support. We will help you to choose the right software for the affiliate, set it up correctly, create an affiliate site, consider your development strategy for the affiliate program and your product sites, conduct market analysis, and draw up a work plan that will quickly ensure your entry to the market with a unique and sought-after offer. We will assess the existing offers in the niche and make the most effective proposal for you, which will entice your new partners and customers. Your business, initially launched by a team of professional marketers who are oriented in your niche, will be guaranteed to grow and develop.

What do you guarantee in working with your clients?

We guarantee the fulfillment of all obligations assumed during the entire working cooperation. We will designate an approximate timeframe for accomplishing a particular task, and we will individually discuss any non-standard solutions.

Do you provide web development and web design for your affiliate clients?

Our primary goal is consulting and marketing support. We help to formulate a strategy for the development of your business, advise you in all matters of marketing analysis, and form statements of work for specialists. That is, we will perform all the necessary planning tasks for your technical specialists, including programmers and web designers, with whom you communicate. If you want us to carry out the tasks of web development and web design, we can undertake this by providing an additional price list for such services. The price of such developments is planned individually and paid over the standard package price. We can provide you with a full service and save you time, effort and money, by bringing contractors in for all the work related to your sites and advertising strategy. The service packages indicated on our website do not include web design and development, and these are separate options that you can order.

How do you work with personal data?

You will not be giving us access to the personal data of your customers or partners, and we do not require such access since it’s not necessary for our work. We do not deal with the support of users and customers, which means that our work is not connected with the storage of personal data at all.

Can you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Confidentiality in our work with you and our relationships is paramount. You should be entirely certain that our correspondence, planning, and any actions taken will not be disclosed to any 3rd party. For this purpose, we can sign an additional agreement.

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