September 12

7-Day SEO Content Ranking Strategy for Beginners Unlocked


Can we start doing SEO in 2023, when millions of sites occupy all niches? When do the most authoritative domains hold the TOP-10 spots in Google’s SERPs?

Of course, yes! In this video, I will tell you how to get inspired by SEO and get your first results: rank in Google’s TOP 10 for money keywords in just 7 days absolutely FREE, without any website building, link building or waiting.

No, this is not just a workout. Rather, a demonstration of the opportunities that SEO can give you today as a beginner if you know where and how to publish SEO content, on which sites, and how to do everything correctly to get to the TOP quickly.

When you’re good at this – you can move further and become an SEO investor who can rank hundreds of its posts on the TOP of Google using expired domains. Find out about this from my course Meanwhile..

This video is not about ranking your site – no. 

This is about something other than link building. This is about your content ranking, which you publish for free on an authoritative domain(I will call it SEO Platform). In this case, it is free and without any restrictions on the word count.

So, if big authoritative websites rank on top of Google, you need to find those that allow publishing user content free or paid, and you’ll get your content ranked on top. That’s it! So easy! Welcome to SEO 2023.

2023 is not about ranking your website. It’s about ranking your content. You will understand what I mean if you watch this video carefully until the end. You can see the SEO opportunities I will tell you about – exact examples and steps needed.

Link-building SEO strategies, Website on-page SEO, is not about fast rankings, not a chance

Suppose you want to do SEO, don’t want to wait for years for the top rankings, and don’t want to spend tons of money. So don’t start your SEO journey with the wrong strategy.

Check the money-terms competition in your niche. The top affiliate niches are flooded with news articles, authoritative websites, and YouTube videos. Do you see at least one site with a small number of incoming links among them?

No, it’s not possible to get there without an authoritative website. Got it?

7-Days Content Ranking Strategy for SEO

If you want to reach the TOP of Google, not your newly created website but your content can do it. Moreover, very quickly, sometimes the first results are visible within the first 7 days.

If you want rankings on Google, get them quickly.

If you have your own business model to monetize organic traffic from Google, you can bring your content to the TOP easily. You need to know where and how it can be published to do this. I’ll tell you right now.

Content Generation with Chat GPT

This is my favorite part. I create tons of unique articles with Chat GPT on topics I need in seconds. So, just this content for free, and it will be perfect for this SEO strategy

FREE Authority SEO platforms for content posting

These sites have a very high Domain Authority score, and Google ranks such sites highly today, sometimes all the user-generated content. Just being able to publish with good on-page SEO is enough.

Moreover, you can publish a full-fledged article with links, pictures, videos, H1-2-3 tags. So you can build a sales funnel right in the article.

Prepare your unique content – 3000-5000 words, add keywords, videos, pics, and heading tags. You’re ready to go!


Just look at the number of backlinks and authority of these domains! And your articles can be published here FOR FREE. But what is important – this content can be ranked on TOP easily.


So, you have written down the names of the platforms I mentioned before. How to get to the TOP? Briefly.

MEDIUM – You need to open an account on this popular platform, and you can immediately start posting. You will have a full-fledged online editor to create beautiful articles. You can insert pictures, links, videos, and headlines and optimize meta tags.

Quick Tips for Medium: Your article should be indexed immediately after publication. Place a link to it wherever possible on your websites and social networks. The main goal is fast indexing. You can generate product reviews with ChatGPT.

If you do everything correctly, your post will be indexed and ranked in about a week. SEO Advice: Optimize your article for long-tail keywords to reach Google’s TOP. You can publish any number of articles. I recommend making multiple accounts and not keeping everything on one to share the risks if you publish affiliate content that can be removed.


It’s a very cool platform for publishers. I create a full-fledged article quickly and not limited by the number of characters. You can add links but only one header image to the article, which is inconvenient. But I quickly reached the top with LONG TAIL KEYWORDS and sometimes even for competitive search terms.

Tips for Hashnode : after publishing an article, put links to it everywhere you can. Indexing and rankings take several days

MIXO.IO is used to create ready-made landing pages using AI quickly. Yes, the system generates sites for you on the topic you want. It’s very convenient. You don’t even need to create content. Just optimize what the system created for you. 

I made 15 sites like this in half an hour. The platform has a high Domain Authority, and its sites easily reach the TOP of Google. The main idea of this service was to simplify the job of creating websites. But it’s used by SEOs for ranking purposes.

Tips for MIXO.IO

You can use this platform for free or pay $39 and get premium features. I did this to create websites on subdomains. They are better at reaching the TOP. Place links to your created sites on subdomains for quick indexing.

Linkedin PULSE pages

This method will suit you if you have your upgraded social network account. It consists of publishing articles in the PULSE section and indexing them. Just create a brand page for posting.

Linkedin noindex most of the Pulse pages of new or low-quality accounts.

You have a full-fledged editor, and the main problem is indexing. Gain authority on the platform to remove the noindex tag from your PULSE articles. If they are not tagged with “noindex” tag, rankings take about 7 days. Grow your network, get reactions to your articles, and build trust. Other SEOs can do this, so you can.


It’s a very capricious site. You need to create your profile and edit it. You can add information about yourself, pics, and links; all other functionality is unnecessary for your SEO posting. Here, you can add up to 500 words in the author box and upload a cover for the landing page. It will look good, and you can convert traffic into sales.


When you open your profile at remotehub, don’t post right away. Wait a day or two. Moderation can be cruel and demolish such accounts if you add product review content and links immediately. But I managed to make ones that last for many months. Save the content if it gets banned, open a new one, and do everything the same. Google loves content from this website.

General tips about the SEO content ranking strategy

Have you learned how to create meta tags, do keyword research, and use H1, H2, H3 tags and use Chat GPT to generate unique content? Great. That’s all you need to get to Google’s TOP in 2023! 

Use free or paid platforms/websites to ensure your content strategy works. Use all possible ways to post your content. Today, I buy sponsored posts on famous news media sites and buy authority expired domains at auctions, set up new money sites on them and rank all my content on top of Google. This way, I can post any articles, use WordPress plugins to optimize my articles and create beautiful review landing pages. 

This is my general SEO method. Download my FREE Quick Start Guide on using expired domains to rank your content and join my SEO course. Visit

Do you need help with SEO methods? Order my consultation by following the link in the description of this video . Thumbs up to this video, and subscribe to my SEO/Affiliate YouTube channel.


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