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How to Make $100 a Day with Free Parasite SEO


How to Make $100/Day with FREE Parasite SEO: Step-by-Step

In this video, I want to present you with instructions on how to earn $100 without investment using free platforms for parasite SEO. All you need is some experience in SEO, a strong desire to make money through new SEO opportunities, and creativity in choosing a niche and products to sell. 

But I will also assist you with this. Why $100 a day? Because this is a proven scheme—I've checked it and seen how it works—and this amount serves as a good benchmark, a simple and achievable goal. This video serves as a basic lesson where I will explain how everything works, but for more in-depth analysis and advice, you should connect to my course "Parasite SEO Scaling: Free Platforms," the lessons of which I will link to in this video. In it, I detail and guide you step by step on how to create hundreds of parasites and monetize them using affiliate programs.

So, my goal now is not just to show you how to create and elevate a parasite to the TOP. I will focus on monetizing it, and earning your first money so that you can build confidence in yourself. And all this without investing anything except your SEO experience and hard work. 

In this lesson, I will even instruct you on how to use free SEO tools so that everything is absolutely cost-free. And most importantly, you won’t have to wait long to elevate your site to the TOP and start earning money. Welcome to Parasite SEO, my friend. Everything happens quickly here, and competitors fall as you rise.

But let's discuss everything systematically; while it might sound somewhat fantastic so far, let's delve into the substantive work on this technique.

So, what will be covered in my instructions today. 8 steps:

  1. Choosing a niche, conducting competition analysis, and selecting products for sale
  2. Registering in affiliate programs
  3. Selecting keywords
  4. Generating content for posts
  5. Selecting free platforms for creating accounts
  6. Adding posts, optimizing them, and working with keywords
  7. Indexing and ranking
  8. Working with a sales funnel

We will proceed point by point. I won’t dwell too long on explaining what Parasite SEO is, how it operates, and how to build a legitimate business on it without investment—it's better to watch my free master class or purchase my course to begin making money with SEO without investment. You’ll find the link in the description.

For now, let's tackle each point:

Choosing a niche, conducting competition analysis, and selecting products for sale

I earn money in the supplements niche, and most of the buyers of my courses do too. We communicate in a private WhatsApp group, which I invite everyone who bought the course to join. Consequently, the majority of people work with supplements.

Therefore, let’s take this niche as an example. You need to start with competitor analysis. Simply choose a niche, for example, Best Legal Steroids, Best HGH pills, Best Testosterone Pills, Best Hair Loss Pills. We review the sites that Google presents upon request. 

We analyze only free parasites:

  • Medium
  • Quora
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Various forums and sites where competitors are posted

Now, let’s compile a list of the products they sell and search for affiliate programs. These include Clickbank, Crazy Bulk, More Niche, Sellhealth. In my course, I dedicate a lesson to the detailed selection of the products I have worked with. Tune in and watch it.

Registering in affiliate programs

To register in affiliate programs, it is advisable for you to have your own website on your own domain. This serves as your business card, and I recommend having such a website and creating a landing page with product reviews. This page can later be shown to affiliate administrators. They aren’t concerned about your traffic volume; they want to see how you work and earn money. A website demonstrates the seriousness of your work.

Also, design your LinkedIn page. It should be authentic; promote it if you have few subscribers and little activity.

Now, proceed with the registration. Enter all your real contact information and preferably reach out to the managers yourself for approval.

How to choose keywords for parasite SEO

To select keywords for free, we will use the Ubersuggest.com service, which is already very affordable. But you can also use it for free. We select keywords for products that have been approved. Use long-tail keywords if you genuinely want to reach the TOP somewhere. After all, the products are highly popular. Experiment with different ones and assess the competition. Avoid creating the 200th Alpilian review on Medium.com. In my course, I have a detailed lesson on choosing keywords for Parasite SEO.

Generating content for posts

We will employ ChatGPT to generate content. Beneath this video, I have included a link to the 50 best queries for ChatGPT, including those needed to generate reviews. A straightforward query will suffice for you.

In my course, I offer a whole module with lessons on how to create content for Parasite SEO. We create content based on long keywords, aiming for a length of 2000-3000 words, filled with facts and research. It should establish you as an expert.

Selecting free platforms for creating accounts

  • Currently, effective free parasite platforms for reaching the TOP include:
  • Medium
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

However, in my course, I present many more platforms with ready-made techniques for publishing on them for free. Be sure to enroll in my course to receive the latest database of such platforms. We need to create several accounts on all designated platforms. Diversification in Parasite SEO is a crucial principle. Moreover, you must diversify everything—create different accounts on different platforms, promote different products, and use different conversion funnels. The most important thing - you have to scale your SEO and affiliate assets.

Adding posts, optimizing them, and working with keywords

So, after conducting niche research, selecting products, generating content, and creating the necessary accounts, it’s time to start adding posts and performing internal optimization. Methods vary across different platforms, so try to adapt to the existing functionality. Remember—not to waste time creating a sales funnel now; the posts haven’t even been indexed yet. We will only build funnels for those posts that at least partially reach the TOP. And yes, not all posts will reach the TOP and receive traffic.

Indexing and ranking

After adding posts, we need to ensure their indexing. Each platform has its own characteristics, and each indexing method has its own specifics. Watch my video about indexing parasites by clicking the link in the description.

For Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, we use the method of indexing accounts, not posts. If accounts are indexed, all your published posts will be indexed automatically. After all, there are links to them from your account. Indexing takes from 1 day to 2 weeks depending on the platform, indexing methods, and content quality. But not all platforms allow you to index your account; for example, Mixo.io, Sympla.com.br.

Working with a sales funnel

I assume that at the initial stage, you will create no more than 30 posts, meaning that tracking their rankings will not be difficult. Once you notice posts being indexed, check their rankings and traffic. Those posts that reach the TOP must be designed to sell goods.

In my course, I detail how to do this. Here, I can say that you need to include links, special offers, packages, and prices of products at the top of the article. Provide all the essential information about the product you are reviewing. It is preferable to create all links in the geniuslink.com service so that you can view click statistics in one system. You need to understand how people click.

To do this, we also use the internal statistics of each affiliate program. Work on the funnel, analyze your competitors, consider what interests the visitor, and how to convert them immediately.

So, if you do everything correctly and posts begin to reach the TOP, you need to continuously enhance your funnel, increase the number of platforms, and create more posts for ranking. In just 1-2 months, you can start earning $100 per day using high-ticket affiliate offers.

I was able to attain approximately this amount on average daily. In total—about $3,000 per month, because sales can vary; some days there may be none at all, while on others, there may be just 3. $100 per day is an average figure with a good pace of work, a large number of created parasites, proper SEO strategy, and monetization strategy.

If you desire professional assistance with Parasite SEO, join my course and my WhatsApp community, which is focused on course lessons and Free Parasite SEO. This is a very niche community where we collect all relevant information about methods of reaching the TOP and making money on parasites. We post up to 50 messages about new platforms and methods daily, share results, address controversial issues, and strive to reach the TOP.

Like this video if you found it useful and want even more instructions on making money on parasites, and subscribe to my channel, where most of the videos revolve around Parasite SEO topics.


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