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Parasite SEO Method: Post on Microsoft Community Sites


Parasite SEO: Rank and Bank with Microsoft Communities (#1 in 24h)

This is something incredible; for all the money keywords in my supplement niche, posts in the Microsoft Communities domain are at the TOP. If you didn’t already know, today Google gives high rankings to high-authority community sites. This technique became popular because of Google Groups a year ago. Today, Community Forums by Microsoft took the lead. 4 domains at once. And it works, I will give examples so that you definitely stop doubting.

In fact, it works in many niches; you can check it out.

Previously all such posts were deleted very quickly, but now they can remain live for 2 weeks. You can rank your posts in 24 hours, so you have enough time to drive traffic and sales, if you know what I mean. And then you just repost and rank again at the TOP of Google. It is so simple.

Do you also want to rank first easily and simply? Want to learn more about how to post and get to Google’s TOP using Microsoft Communities? You have definitely found the right video because I will tell you how to make your posts step by step, index them, and get to the TOP to earn money quickly. It's as easy as copy and paste. You will learn about the pros and cons of this technique in a minute; I will reveal all the secrets. And yes - no one knows how long it will work.

I rank my sites with Microsoft communities and make good money from this technique, so I share my experience with you.

Before I start, I'll say a few words.

So, I specialize in bringing free parasites to the TOP and even made my own course called “Parasite SEO Scaling: Free Platforms,” to which 50 SEOs have already joined. There are currently 3 elements in my training system:

  1. My course with all the lessons on how to get to the TOP

  2. My WhatsApp group where we discuss new platforms, lessons, and results(tons of posts 24/7)

  3. A list of 80 current sites for free posting

If you want to use this technique, you cannot miss my educational system; it is clearly aimed at working with similar Microsoft Community sites. This is a niche system for working with parasites. It will be much easier and more efficient for you to work with it. You will definitely be much more successful.

Let's quickly post our first post, and then I will tell you the pros and cons of this technique.

So, what sites do we have to work with:

I have put links to them in the description of this video.

So, as many as 4 domains, and not just one where you can host. Each requires its own account.

  1. So, just register on the platform.

  2. Create a new topic.

  3. Generate text in ChatGPT.

  4. Set up internal optimization, insert links and photos.

  5. Enter a title.

  6. Copy the created text.

What I want to say is that I have created articles on docs.google.com with already loaded articles, pictures. I did the formatting, posted the links, uploaded the photos and now for posting I just copy and paste and that's it. I save and my post is ready. It's just awesome. I think through all the optimization, keywords, headings in advance. And I just post it.

  1. Now you need to index the post - this is the most difficult task because 2-5 posts are posted on the platform every minute, Google simply does not have time to index everything. Therefore, we use the entire arsenal of techniques - I left a link to the video in the description, which tells how to index parasites. You need literally everything - a couple of indexing services, linking from parasites, links on all your sites, methods from GSC, share everything on your social networks through Addtoany.

  2. You can use ChatGPT to make articles similar to this one, and they will also reach the TOP of other domains.

  3. We open accounts on all 4 platforms and post in the same way.

Now let's see what happens next - the post is indexed and goes to the TOP if you did everything correctly:

  • Studied the competition.

  • Selected a product to sell.

  • We selected keywords for which target traffic will come and buy.

  • Created the right sales funnel.

  • Quickly reached the TOP.

If you want to learn how to do this correctly with parasites, buy access to my course Parasite SEO Scaling: Free Platforms, and you will have the entire current knowledge base, as my course is constantly updated. And if something doesn’t work out for you, you can always ask a question in our private WhatsApp group, where I will connect you.

And most importantly, you will be able to work not only with this platform but with 80 others to scale your business and earn good money without investment. Just by paying $69 for my course and my parasite ecosystem. The system is constantly being improved, new platforms are being added to it, we condemn new tactics, the group is constantly growing. We become stronger and more efficient. If you do free parasite SEO, this is definitely the place for you.

Let's now talk about the pros and cons of this technique.


  1. Basic registration with email confirmation.

  2. Instant opportunity to post with ready-made formatting. Just Copy and Paste.

  3. No moderation for posts - publish whatever you want.

  4. The ability to present beautiful formatting for a sales funnel in an article.

  5. The publishing environment looks very decent, users trust the platform, which means you will have audience loyalty.

  6. After deleting your posts, you can immediately republish them with the same text, just replace the Thread title tag so there is no duplicate.

  7. You can publish all posts under one account; there is no point in opening others. I can post 10 articles from one account in 5 minutes.

  8. You can reach the TOP and rank above paid YouTube videos, as well as paid articles for which they pay $500-$2000. Even rich SEO agencies post here for free; otherwise, they won’t reach the TOP at all.

  9. You can reach the TOP in 24 hours and stay there for a long time.

  10. These articles make me real sales every day.

  11. You can edit your post; this is very important. With Google Groups, for example, you post once and for all.


  1. All posts are deleted after a while, usually up to 2 weeks now. Previously deleted very quickly.

  2. Your account will be deleted along with all posts.

  3. All posts need to be indexed using different methods; the most effective is the use of indexing services.

  4. Nobody knows how long this will work, posting can be limited at any time; use it.

  5. As a rule, posts are constantly added to the platforms targeting the same keywords as you’ve chosen, new ones will replace old ones. Therefore, if you are targeting popular money keywords, most likely your listing will not last long. I need to post again.

  6. Topics are combined with similar ones, if any. Works the same as with Google Groups.

  7. Your post may be replaced by a more recent post from a competitor.

In fact, there are other communities, and more and more will appear. The tactic that is used here is Rank and Bank. You do this to make quick money. If you are deleted, you will add the same posts again, and so on in a circle. It’s not about scaling for long-term business, it’s all about quick SEO money.

Do you have any questions? Ask them in the comments about this video. I'll be happy to answer.

Like this video if you found it useful, subscribe to my channel, where I talk about similar techniques, and connect to my system for working with free parasites, Parasite SEO Scaling: Free Platforms, to scale your business. Working alone, you spend too much time, so we join together in a private group, share ideas, and discuss the secrets of free parasite SEO behind closed doors. We don’t spend money on SEO here, we use everything for free to build and scale our business.


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