Online SEO Course: "Turn Expired Auction Domains into Money Sites on Google"

You can check Google's SERPs yourself to learn about those money sites built using old expired auction domains. You will notice that they now earn $10,000 - $40,000 a month using affiliate programs. And yes, you can do the same!

I have created my course "Expired Auction Domains Gold" for SEO webmasters and affiliates (newbies/experienced) who want to start a new business or support the current one and earn thousands of dollars per month using Google's organic traffic. 

The course is a step-by-step guide that shows all the processes, from bidding on auctions to winning the domains and setting up money sites that rank and bank.

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Are you tired of buying SPAM links? Do you want to rank your affiliate site in a month on TOP of Google without months/years of link building?

I learned SEO for about 20 years and have tried many different methods and techniques to rank affiliate sites. But these days, it's almost impossible to outrank authority competitors - powerful well-known domains. That’s why most SEO specialists give up and buy Ads.

But what if I tell you that SEO agencies/individual SEOs today more than ever monetize their sites using affiliate programs. They don't need clients anymore, they know the SEO secret and buy expired auction domains that turn the Google's traffic into GOLD.

TOP-10 Rankings in 100+ Niches in a Month!?

It may sound crazy, but there are only 2 methods today to get TOP results in 100+ profitable affiliate niches: Buying auction expired domains with huge backlink profiles and; Posting paid articles on media sites (this is my next course). That's it! You don't believe me? Check yourself!

Do you know that the affiliate health niche is the most profitable? For example, search "Best testosterone boosters" on Google. 50% of results are from paid articles placed on media sites, and 50% of the sites are built on expired auction domains. You can do the same. I'll show you how in this course.

PBNs, Web 2.0 links, Comment Spam, Forum Profiles, and Directory links do not work anymore, nor do Link Exchange techniques. Blackhat forums are also useless. Those backlinks packages are a total waste of time and money.

You will never get backlinks from high authority sites these days, trust me. That’s because almost all of the high authority sites mark the links with rel="nofollow" or "sponsored," which are useless for SEO.

I have bought around 40 expired domains on different auction platforms during the last 7 years, and 70% of them dominated the TOP of Google. I have earned $500,000 so far, and this tactic has not changed since then.


Thousands of SEO agencies and individuals use this SEO method today, and now the competition is huge. The good domains are costly, and different expired domain spiders make the process of choosing the domains easier. So, it's getting harder and harder to work against the competition.

Unfortunately, no one talks about this new SEO technique, so it's not common. You'll never find any other courses that explain the strategies, tactics, and methods of buying the best expired auction domains for a fair price. That is why I have decided to share the secrets of this SEO technique.

There was a time I bought the domain for $250 and earned $40,000 on affiliate commissions. You'll get my stats, I promise. Just read on.

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Turn Expired Auction Domains(EAD) into Gold

This course contains over 120 pages of text with my step-by-step lessons for beginner and advanced SEO videos on how to acquire high authority expired auction domains (EAD) with hundreds and thousands of backlinks from sites like Wikipedia, NASA, World Health Organization, Forbes, Medscape, BusinessInsider, WTO, CNN, BBC, Harvard, New York Times and thousands other famous websites. It's impossible to get those backlinks in any other way except by buying old high-authority expired domains on auction platforms like GoDaddy, Namejet, Namesilo, Dynadot, Catch.club, and others.

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Here’s What You Get When You Buy My Course

Once you pay for the access, you will get into your member's area with all educational SEO materials (text/videos). I have structured my course using modules, chapters, and lessons that you can read, watch and listen to sequentially. You'll get lifetime access to these secret materials with future updates and edits.

You'll get lifetime access to these secret materials with future updates and edits. You'll get the theory, case studies, and instructions that you can implement instantly. By following the best practices, you'll be able to invest in the authority domains that google ranks on TOP, which will drive thousands of dollars to your pockets monthly.

benefit 1

I will never promise something impossible or tell you fairy tales. I always show you examples, real stats, and case studies. My SEO course is based on today's rankings.

I have spent years of hard work and thousands of dollars to show you the real gold of this SEO method.

benefit 2

I constantly update/edit the online course (lessons, chapters, modules) and keep all the information up to date.

eBooks and website posts on search engine blogs become outdated in months/weeks, or even days. I have spent 4 months writing the course, and since then, I've made 100+ edits because this method changes all the time.

benefit 3

This course does not only helps to find, analyze and buy expired auction domains. It also teaches how to create a money-making site and build a strong affiliate website that will start to earn money.

I have registered in 30+ affiliate programs to sell products using quality reviews and comparison articles on my websites. I have spent years building strong sales funnels.

About (Rumer)

As a top affiliate in many famous health-related affiliate programs and an experienced SEO specialist, I have created and promoted my websites for years. As a solo webmaster, I have earned more than $1,000,000 in my career. I started to interlink websites on free hostings in 2004. After that, I got advanced knowledge of Google's algorithms and tried everything in SEO. I bought links and posted them by myself, I've built a PBN of 250 sites in 2015, and these days (2024), I buy expired auction domains(EAD) and turn them into GOLD. This is the most effective and long-term tactic ever because I can use the old expired domains of authority Organizations/Media Sites/Gouvernement/Educational resources that have hundreds and thousands of quality inbound links and build a powerful money site that earns up to $1000 a day. You can see my videos on Youtube

Recent Case Studies (2024)


American Pediatric Surgical Association

Niches: 40+ health niches; 
Ratings: TOP-10
Traffic: 1000+ daily visitors
Income: $40k/monthly
Backlinks: 800+

TF/CF: 48/40
The price: $4200

Semrush data: click here

I was one of the bidders. Unfortunately, I did not win the auction. Can you believe this? God, I was so upset. This website is pure gold.


Human Anatomy System

Niches: 40+
Ratings: TOP-10
Traffic: 1000+ daily visitors
Income: $30k/month
Backlinks: 9380
TF/CF: 69/53
Semrush data: 
click here

This is an old domain with thousands of backlinks. I can't even imagine how much it cost at auction. I guess around $5000+


Weight management

Niches: 10+
500+ daily visitors
Semrush data: 
click here

This is an excellent example of how a domain with only 200 backlinks can be counted as an authority by Google. It ranks TOP-10 for the "testosterone booster" term.

Course Modules

Show them what’s in the course


Module 1: INTRO

This module explains precisely what is so special about expired auction domains. How to use them to get TOP rankings in Google and analyze and buy them at auction platforms for the lowest price possible. I'll show you how to become a successful domain investor in a week or so without special SEO skills or previous bidding experience.



This module includes all the lessons related to the tools and methods of searching for well-trusted domains with a good backlink profile and content history. This module helps to start bidding on domains at different auction platforms. You will save tons of time using my own experience and search strategy.



The hardest part of the SEO work on acquiring the best expired auction domains is analyzing them and choosing from hundreds of thousands. But I know how to do it using SEO tools, and I have my own unique methods. First, you will filter out all the spam, low-quality, and weak domains. I'll help you find niche domains - some of the domains were high authority ones, such as organizations, educational resources, and governmental sites.


Module 4: MONEY SITE

In this module, I'll tell you how to create a powerful money site using the best WordPress Theme for the Affiliates, SEO plugins, content strategy, and Internal SEO. You'll be able to select a niche, products, and conversion funnels to make up to $1000 a day in affiliate sales. I have spent years finding the best affiliate tactics to drive sales. So these lessons will be beneficial and effective.

Everything you Need to Rank and Bank is in this Course

I'll tell you how to start and what to use to succeed in acquiring the best expired domains and build good-looking WP sites that make affiliate sales like crazy. I'll show you how to buy expired domains on auctions from $100 to $10 000, driving from $10,000 to $100000 in affiliate income.


Current traffic


Affiliate conversion


Affiliate income


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I have created a small PDF guide on how to start this business in 10 STEPS. This is the first item on your "to-do list". I have described all the steps, tools, and methods you need to use. This is an introduction to my FULL SEO course if you're still unsure about its content. Simply subscribe to my newsletter and get that PDF file with my free course.

How to Use the Course in Real life?

It's all about my tutorials, how-to guides, and methodologies mentioned in these lessons. You'll be able to use the course to implement your goals as an investor, SEO guy, or affiliate. I did my best to tell you about my 7-year experience.

Find auction domains

Follow the instructions and place bids on auctions depending on your budget, goals, and SEO tactics.

Setup the WP site

I'll tell you what WP themes and plugins to use and how to set up internal SEO and build your content strategy.

Rank and convert

It's all about the results. I'll show you how to build strong Google rankings and monetize your work as much as possible.

How Much Will I Spend and Earn?

Of course, it's cool to talk about good rankings on Google. The targeted organic traffic is pure gold. But, what about the real earnings? How much do you need to invest and how to make a profitable business with this course?

Let's make some calculations about the money you need to invest:
1. This course - $229
2. SEO tools - 39$+40$+100$/month ($179)
3. Average cost per domain - $200-500$
4. 60% of the domains you'll buy will get on TOP of Google
5. Every domain in TOP-10 can earn around 2000$/month


If you are ready to invest $2000-$6000 to buy a few high-quality and powerful expired domains you'll be able to earn from 10 000$ - 30 000$ per month.



You missed out!

Special Prices for the Lifetime Access

My course is always up to date. The techniques I use are constantly updated. I carry out experiments, and I’m always ahead of the competition. I make research and publish new lessons all the time. You can count on my support if you find the questions that are not answered. I appreciate the feedback.

(expired auction domains)

Tutorials, Knowledge base, How to guides



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  • Lifetime Access
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  • Money site module


(Expired auction domains+MONEY SITE)

Build your Affiliate Business from Scratch


69 ($229)

  • 116 lessons (text/video)
  • Lifetime Access
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  • Immediate Start
  • New lessons/Updates
  • One-Time payment
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  • 1 FREE email consultation
  • Includes 58 "Money Site" lessons

Once you buy for one of 2 packages of the access to the course, you won't need to make any additional payments. There will be no additional charges. You will get the access according to the package you choose. Once you click the "Get access" button, you will be redirected to the Memberships Pro page. All payments are handled by Fondy.EU payment provider. We do not provide a money back guarantee.

Here’s What People are Saying

Terry Spenser

SEO agency

I did not know where to start, and this course was the only guide I need

Honestly, I did not find any similar information in the free access. I am thrilled I found Rumer’s course because I learned everything inside and bought really powerful domains. I am glad about the results, and now I own some of the TOP websites in good money niches.

Adriana Fernando

Solo webmaster

Expired domains are on TOP of the niches I work with

I tried everything, but in the end, I started participating in auctions to buy powerful expired domains. This course was so helpful for smart SEO investments. Thank you, Rumer, for your advice and step-by-step tutorials. I followed your every step, and it worked for me.

Anette Castilla

Marketing Specialist

Tons of useful advice and lessons

It is almost impossible to become a successful auction bidder without years of experience. I really appreciate Rumer for his SEO course. I saved a lot of time, money, and effort in this field. I know you need to learn, try and spend money to get that knowledge that Rumer shared.


What if your techniques do not work?

You can check the domains rated in the TOP 10 of Google's SERPs. Simply check their backlinks using Majestic and look for the website history in Archive.org. If you see the strange domains in the Google SERPs for the money keywords with the affiliate content - you can quickly identify the auction expired domain bought by your competitors. Affiliates use expired auction domains in hundreds of health, casino, essay, cryptocurrency, payday loans, and spy software niches. It's so easy to analyze them using the techniques mentioned in my course.

Can I return the money for the domain I bought?

There is no way to return the money if you won the auction. But you can always re-sell your domain through various auction platforms like GoDaddy, Namejet, or Namesilo. A good expired domain can be sold for a higher price than you paid for them.

How long should I wait for the domain to rank?

It depends on the domain authority, backlinks, domain history, and the content you've added to your newly-made money site. It also depends on your chosen niche and Google's algorithm changes. The average time to rank the domain after running a website with content is around 30-45 days. Some of my websites start appearing in Google's TOP-10 in 7-10 days after the setup.

What if I won't pay for the domain I won?

It sometimes happens that auction bidders win the domain, but they refuse to make the payment for it. The auction platform can limit the bidder's activity for this. But as long as you don't sign any documents, it is impossible to take legal action against the bidder.

I don't have a large budget, should I buy your course?

It's true that you can't participate in this business if you don’t have up to $100 of the initial budget. It's better to prepare a $1000 at the start to feel comfortable while investing the money into the expired auction domains for SEO. While you can win a good domain for $200, you'll have much higher chances of ranking a domain with at least 250-300 authority backlinks, but its price can reach 500$ and higher. It isn't really important how much you will spend on auctioning an expired domain if you earn 10X using it. I created this course to make a smart investment and create a powerful business that will improve daily.

Why do i need your course?

This is a rather challenging topic. When you become an expired domain investor, you can lose all your money on auctions for useless domains. I saw how bidders paid $5000-$8000 bids for SPAM domains. They did not know about it. Even clean domains can become a total waste of your money because they won't work and will never dominate the niche and earn money. What if you buy a banned domain? If you want to invest your money in the valuable domains, you need to learn this course from the first to the last page and watch all my educational videos. I spent 7 years to get the required experience. I spent thousands of dollars and tons of my time and efforts to give you everything to become a successful expired auction domain investor today.

For whom your course is created?

This course is created for SEO guys (newbies and experienced guys), webmasters, and affiliates. It contains one of the most successful SEO techniques that affiliates use to make up to $40,000/month. I am talking about creating money sites on old powerful expired domains. It will be easy to read and learn the materials in this course. I've written tons of lessons and tutorials that are convenient to follow. Watch my videos, learn case studies and follow step-by-step text lessons to succeed fast.

how much should i spend to start this business?

Understanding how much you need to invest in this SEO method is essential. Your initial investments are:
1) The price of this course (I recommend buying the FULL course for $229)
2) Auction Domain Search Tool (around $40/month)
3) Link analysis tool(around $50/month)
4) Keyword research, traffic analysis, ranking analysis tool ($100+ month) (you can reduce the price by using different tools)
5) Shared hosting for multiple sites ($35 per domain/month)

So, your total initial investments are $430. Then every month you will spend around $200. Of course, when we're talking about the prices per domain at auctions, they differ (from $100-$15000) per domain. But if you set up money sites, you can turn a $200 website into a $10,000/month business. If you invest more and buy high-quality domains, this amount may rise to $40,000/month.

what is a real value of your course?

The main value of this course is the methodology of searching, analyzing, buying, and monetizing expired auction domains. All you have to do is follow the lessons I created. I have described all the processes of this effective SEO strategy which is the new trend now. And the results are awesome if you follow my recommendations. You won't need to spend thousands of dollars on your own experiments, and you won't need to learn about different sites or look for some information. Unfortunately, no one shares these tactics because they can hurt the current auction bidders and their power. I found the easiest way to acquire powerful expired auction domains that most successful affiliate marketers use, and I share this method with you step by step.

What is the difference between packages?

The "BASIC" pack includes all the SEO modules on how to find, analyze and buy authority domains at auctions. You will get access to 87 lessons, which I update regularly according to the market changes. But the "BASIC" package does not include one of the most important modules for a successful affiliate business which is called "MONEY SITE". I won't add new lessons to this pack. That is why my "PREMIUM" package is much more effective and powerful than the "BASIC" one because of the additional "MONEY SITE" lessons added. I am not just updating the PREMIUM course, I constantly adding new lessons to this package and you get LIFETIME ACCESS to it. So you won't miss any important market changes, new tactics, and methods I test all the time. I will add more and more video lessons to this module only.

Start to Earn Money from Google

Get access to my course "Turn Expired Auction Domains into Gold" today and build your solid income shortly.

My Personal Note to You

Honestly, I did not plan to share my own secrets with anyone. But I understand that my experience and effective SEO method works after years, so I am sure about what I am doing. And I really want you to try this SEO method. So if you dream of running a successful affiliate business based on organic Google traffic in 2024, I'll show you how to do it step by step.

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