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The easiest way to find the best expired domains


The easiest way to find the best-expired domains for traffic
Explored domains can have lots of authoritative backlinks and rank at the top of Google almost as soon as you launch a new site on it. Ratings depend on the authority of the domain you buy and on your work on your new site, which you want to bring to the top for hundreds or even thousands of requests – this is real. Some partners earn on such a site several tens of thousands of dollars on affiliate programs.
How to search for such domains and create a powerful site on it is my own course, “How to turn expired domains into GOLD”. Go to my website affiliatecredocom-200efa.ingress-daribow.ewp.live to subscribe. Use a coupon for $50 discount.
How to find and get the best-expired domain in 8 easy steps:
Step 1 – Use Spamzilla for $37 per month. All auctions from all sites fall into it, which makes this aggregator the most powerful domain database. Godaddy, Namejet, Namesilo, Catch Club, Drop Catch, etc. are connected to it.
Step 2 – set up domain search filters, and specify the domains’ parameters. Use basic parameters so you don’t miss out on a good domain
Step 3 – Sort Domains by Trust Flow or DR
Step 4 – Scan the SZ Score parameters with your eye. This is a basic Spamzilla feature that speeds up domain analysis
Step 5 – Expand all SZ Score parameters and analyze all tabs. There are both backlinks and data from Archive.org
Step 6 – Open Majestic and manually review the links in your account. Pay attention to possible spam, and ignore spam domains, even if they have very good links
Step 7 – Register in all domain auctions and place your backorders or add to the Watch list
Step 8 – Participate in the auction and bid according to the domain rating and your abilities
Important Tips:

  1. The price of a good domain is at least $300
  2. Choose thematic domains, but if there are none, buy the domains of organizations, news sites and similar domains
  3. Don’t forget to check the site manually to ensure you’re buying a good domain.
  4. Use my course to choose domains wisely and create sites on them, the articles of which go to the TOP. My experience will be useful in your work. If you want to become an SEO investor, invest in your knowledge first and then buy domains that can cost thousands of dollars
    Subscribe to my channel, which contains many videos about expired domains, subscribe to my course, and get a $50 discount with this discount code. In addition, on my website, you can download a free course for beginners by simply subscribing to my newsletter. Please like this video if it is helpful for you.


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