February 11

TOP-5 SEO Methods for Affiliates in 2023


In this video, I will compare all SEO methods for affiliates that generate targeted organic traffic that can be converted into sales. I fight with Google for about 20 years and I share the techniques I use these days to rank and bank.

SEO competition in affiliate niches is just over the top, and many refuse to promote their sites on Google. At the same time, you must understand that search traffic has been, is, and will be the most convertible for affiliate business. And many SEOs continue to earn tens of thousands of dollars in organic traffic from Google these days.

Expired domains have been used to get to the top of Google’s SERPs for many years, but many things have changed in Google 's algorithms and preferences. So, is this SEO method worthy of your attention, investment, and effort to dominate your work?

I highly recommend watching this video to the end. I will list all the main SEO strategies I use today and compare them with Expired domains method. This video has everything you need to know about SEO for 2023.

First of all, let's list the SEO methods that can be used today to get Google rankings :

  1. Expired domains
  2. VIDEO SEO(Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram Reels) in SERPs
  3. Social media profiles in SERPs
  4. Image SEO to rank pictures and get traffic to your pages
  5. Sponsored posts

In order to test these ways to rank your content on Google and get organic traffic, let's just go through a few popular niches and do some Google searches to make sure all of the above work:

Best testosterone boosters

Best Legal Steroids

Best weight loss pills

So, all of the above can reach the TOP and get traffic.

The best way to get affiliate traffic and sales is to use all 5 SEO techniques. I talked about them in my videos. The links are in the description.

So, how to rank websites built on expired domains in search results

Sites built on authoritative, expired domains rank at the TOP of search results. They can only be bought at domain auctions. Such domains can have many high-quality, trusted backlinks. For example, from government sites, news media, and organizations.

With such backlinks, Google can give the domain an incredible SEO juice, which was given after the domain expiration and can be used to rank a  new money site on the same domain. This technique was, is, and will be the key in the world of SEO for reaching the TOP for any keywords in any niche.

Today there are many examples of top rated expired domains in search results. You can read about how to find such domains, analyze and buy them to build a money site in my course " How to turn expired auction domains into GOLD ".

Now let's compare Expired Domains SEO method with others. In fact, I use all of them and it’s a great multi-channel affiliate tactic.

Expired Domains vs. Sponsored posts

Еhese are the two most powerful techniques to get on top of Google. If you analyze various search terms, you will see that in some niches, news media sponsored posts occupy up to 80% of the TOP 10 rankings for almost all niche keywords. Nutrition, crypto, essay, dating, payday loans, etc.

The essence of the sponsored posts SEO method in the search for trusted publications that Google displays in the TOP for various money keywords. You need to contact to the advertising department of that site and make a deal.

Cons with this method:

  • Huge competition
  • Many publications lose ratings after a while
  • High cost of publication. On average, it is about $1,000, up to $5,000 per post or even more.
  • Your sponsored post will reach the TOP. It all depends on many factors. Sometimes placements are not justified.
  • You need to build a sales funnel in an article. You need to test things and get some practice
  • Someone can publish the same article on the same news site and replace your snippet one day or another

If you make your own site on an expiredd domain, you can work with conversion, place your design, buttons, and graphics in any quantity, track statistics, and optimize the site. You can also publish any number of articles and rank them highly. You get the full control over it.

Expired Domains vs. Video SEO

So, videos from YouTube and other video hosting sites like DailyMotion or Vimeo successfully get to the TOP of Google today for many queries. This technique's essence is optimizing your videos to get to the TOP of Google’s SEPRs.

Cons of this method:

  • Huge competition in every niche, lots of similar videos that target the same keywords in Google

Compared to expired domains, this method clearly loses. Since sales from YouTube are weak, you need a video content strategy that could work better. I made a lot of videos to get some sales. It’s all about the quantity and conversion and SEO.

Expired Domains vs. Social Media Profiles

Another popular technique is creating profiles for the right products on social networks Facebook , Instagram , Linkedin , Twitter . They often reach the TOP and if you optimize it well, you will get targeted traffic. But, of course, the conversion depends on the sales funnel you built in each case, ideally, if your profile replaces a brand's profile in Google search results and you still that brand keyword traffic.

Cons of this method:

  • You will need to create a lot of profiles to get that ranked for some keywords
  • Huge competition – there are many similar profiles already created and optimized
  • You need to work on the profile’s design, publish lots of posts: pics, videos, text
  • You need to open tons of accounts, work on them, optimize, and build a sales funnel. Unlike Expired domains, SEO does not have a full-fledged toolkit for working with conversion.

Expired Domains vs. Image SEO

Another technique for reaching the TOP is ranking images in Google search results. This SEO method is worthy of your attention because optimizing your images can get targeted traffic directly to your landing pages. It works. It would help if you used alt tags and posted pictures on your sites.

Cons of this method:

  • It all depends on the authority of your website. If they are weak, there is little chance of reaching the Google’s TOP and rank well in image results.
  • indexing images can take weeks.
  • The competition is huge
  • You need to test a lot and create your own photos that you need to place texts on if you want to be clicked on

I use this SEO method when adding images on my website review posts. Due to the authority of the website, I can rank tons of pics for many search terms.

You can buy a great domain for 1000-3000$ and turn it to 10 000$ in a few months.

You can incorporate other SEO techniques into your work to get broadcast across all channels. It is profitable to invest in your own webstes built on expired domains since, having an authority website, you can rank any number of your review posts and pictures in the TOP. You can also integrate videos on your sites by combining efforts on Video SEO strategies in 2023. Believe me, you can get much better exposure by using multy-channel marketing. But you won’t be successful if you do all at once, start from bidding for expired domains at auction. Create some good looking and well optimized reviews and earn money to scale your affiliate SEO and Affiliate earnings.

Get some experience by joining my SEO course “How to turn expired auction domains into GOLD” or order my personal affiliate SEO consultation to succeed in your job.


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