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How can I help your affiliate site to recover?

I have worked with affiliate sites since 2002. I have created, promoted, and recovered from different Google updates almost 100 of my own websites. Many of my sites have survived and recovered from Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Medic, and Bert updates. It's all about the experience.

All websites are different. I work with affiliate websites, so I know everything about the possible problems that lead to the site ranking drops in Google for this type of website. These days I help webmasters to determine and fix the SEO/technical issues fast to get a chance to recover in the next Google update.

Every situation is unique. There are more than 20 reasons why your affiliate site got hit. I am ready to help you to recover and even improve your previous rankings in some cases. You have invested so much money, time, and effort in your affiliate site, and now what? Do you want to fight for your rankings? You decide, but the only thing I know: is SEO SUCCESS - NEVER GIVE UP!

  • I will help you to identify the issues in your SEO or technical setup and you will get the list of errors and my recommendations on how to fix the possible problems
  • I will dig deep into your website SEO to find all possible issues in your on-page and off-page SEO. I will scan your website with SEO tools and will do manual checks. You'll get the reports with my recommendations
  • I will create the recovery plan for you. If your site has dropped, there may be several reasons for this. Sometimes the issues are obvious - like buying low-quality backlinks or server errors. But sometimes, everything looks fine, but the rankings and traffic need to be recovered. Anyway, you'll get the detailed recovery plan
  • We will discuss everything in our live meeting. Discussing the issues and the recovery plan in a convenient environment is really important. I am ready to Zoom, Chat in messengers so you can ask questions and get answers
  • You can consult with me about the work on your recovery plan. It's important to follow your job and help you to evaluate the final result. I am here to help and check every task for you so you can be sure you've done everything right

Who I am

I am Rumer, an affiliate and SEO expert, and Youtube blogger. I am the author of the online course "How to turn expired auction domains into GOLD" and the "Affiliate Credo" Youtube channel. I own many affiliate websites and have recovered after the most dangerous updates for the affiliate websites.

I have created the checklist for you that you can download now, but I am also ready to work with you on your project to help you to recover. Some of my websites still get traffic from Google after years of work, so it's really important to know what Google wants and how to assure Google that your website is unique, authoritative, and useful for visitors.

How it Works?

We can discuss with your the project using the most convenient environment for you - Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Viber, Slack, and Email. I make the analysis, send reports and to-do lists (in PDF), I can create screen recordings, etc.


You send your inquiry via the online form above

First of all, I need to get your inquiry for the consultation. You need to specify the details of your website problem. Please mention your question in detail. Try to be more specific in what you're asking. It should be related to the rankings or traffic drop


Get my response and you're ready to go

I will check your website, and you'll get my recommendations. In some cases, I can say that you just can't recover, do not even try. But if I see that there's a possibility to recovery, you'll get my approval for the consultation


Make the payment after the approval

You need my approval of the consultation before you pay. I need to make sure we'll have enough time to work on your questions so that you can be satisfied with the service provided (Credit Card payment)


Let's schedule the format for the consulation

Once we have discussed your questions time needed for the online consultation and you've got my approval for it, we can schedule the exact time for the online meeting. You'll get the report in the end.

What is the Price?

What's included?
  • Video, voice or live chat
  • Reports and to do lists
  • Task support



One-time payment

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Coaching Calls



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Send me your Inquery to Solve your Rankings problems

I work with affiliate sites for more than 20 years and I know how to help you to recover. If you're not ready to give up - I'll help you to get better for Google