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What is this Masterclass About?

This masterclass is created for newbies in parasite SEO. This is a quick start guide, that will help you to choose one of 4 directions in parasite SEO: expired domains, free parasites, sponsored posts and video SEO. You won't find this information elsewhere because I have worked with parasite SEO methods since 2016 and explain the methods in my courses and on my channel.

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What You’ll Learn from Masterclass

Parasite Video SEO

You will learn how it works. You can buy spots on popular YouTube channels or you can create and rank your own. You can use other video hosting platforms to rank your videos on Google.

Parasite Sponsored Posting

You can buy posts on popular news media sites to rank them on top of Google. Learn how it works and how to use this strategy effectively.

FREE Parasite Platforms

Learn how to create accounts and post for free on popular free platforms. Get a 50% discount coupon for my course "Parasite SEO Scaling: Free Platforms" when you subscribe to my masterclass.

Trusted Expired Domains

Did you know that you can create money sites right on the authority expired domains you buy at domain auctions? This is a part of parasite SEO

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Module 1: Introduction

This is an important module for those who just starting out with free Parasite SEO. I'll give you everything needed to start your wors. You'll get answers to the most common questions, you'll understand why and how you need to work to become successfull in Parasite SEO. How to scale your work to get more traffic and sales. You won't need to spend money on this SEO and you can start from scratch and get your first posts indexed and ranked.


Module 2: Parasite Platforms

In this module, you will find lessons on how to find, create, and rank different parasites on free platforms. I will show examples of top-rated domains that you can use as the best parasite platforms for business. These are Web 2.0 sites, AI website builders, social networks, and popular portals. I share my own experience and tips on how to outrank your competitors, get top spots for low-competition keywords, and more.


Module 3: Parasite SEO

This module includes different chapters on keyword research, competition analysis, SEO tools, and internal SEO for parasites. You will find lessons with all the instructions on how to do effective SEO to rank parasites in different niches, for the best money keywords fast. Some useful tips and tricks on indexing and ranking on unknown parasite websites. Discoveries, tests, and case studies.


Module 4: Affiliate Marketing

My SEO Course on parasites is not only about rankings, it's about marketing strategies for earning money using affiliate programs. I have collected some important lessons on how to bank your parasites, scale your affiliate marketing strategy, build effective sales funnels, test your current posts/websites, and improve the conversion rate(CRO).


Module 5: Parasite Content

I teach how to use ChatGPT to generate amazing SEO and sales copies(best promts). It's the real art when it comes to successful rankings and sales. You need to know how to build and scale quality content for your successful parasites SEO business. ChatGPT is an awesome tool to create and scale valuable content for SEO and sales. But you should use the right content structure and create effective prompts to make it work for 100%. That is why I have created lessons on how to build content with AI tools that work effectively for your business.

For Whom this Course is Created?

My course "Parasite SEO Scaling: Free Platforms" is created for everyone, who's interested in SEO: for beginners and experienced SEOs who want to improve their skills, get some additional knowledge and use my instructions on how to create, rank and bank free parasites.

You can use this course to join an SEO team, offer services for clients, who want to get a presence in Google, get traffic and show their products for a large array of relevant searches.

If you work with certain traffic channels but your website doesn't get traffic from Google, parasite SEO is a good chance to get fast rankings for free.

You can build your affiliate business from scratch, with zero dollars investment. You can use SEO tools, and content generation services like ChatGPT for free.

So if you're not ready to spend money on creating your SEO/Affiliate business, free parasite SEO is your only chance to win in this game, scale and earn great money using popular affiliate offers.

Pricing Plan

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About the author  RUMER

My SEO nickname is RUMER, which I have become accustomed to over the years - this is my public name on YouTube. I have been doing SEO and affiliate marketing for 20 years.

I started my SEO business in the early 2000s and have earned over $1,000,000 in affiliate commissions throughout my career. I am a YouTube blogger - there are already over 80 videos on my channel, and I have more than 1000 subscribers. All this is a narrow audience on the topic. But honestly, most of my time I've spent on learning SEO, not the blogging career.

I am also the author of the course “How to turn Expired Domains into GOLD”, which was released 2 years ago and hundreds of people have already bought it. I am a UDEMY instructor and my course is compliant with UDEMY quality standards. I invite you to join my first course on Parasite SEO

Real Testimonials



This parasite course is great, a lot of value

Bought the course in the early access and it was even 100% worth the investiment after a few lessons, the current price, the constant updates and the course community are totally worth it and you have the guarantee to having always updated info and new platforms to test



Amazing stuff!

As the first person to have joined this group, I can categorically say even though this is a WhatsApp group, I have learned more than attending webinars in the past couple of days!

alex sidoryn


Great course and even better help from you Ruma. You’re greatly appreciated