What Is Affiliate SEO?

We offer exclusive SEO services to promote affiliate programs on Google. Our affiliate agency has 16 years of SEO experience on how to promote affiliate sites. Most of the merchants forget about their own search engine rankings when offering an affiliate program. Product sites attract affiliate links that help websites to rank if optimized properly.

We help merchants to see their websites on top of Google’s SERPs by offering quality niche-based SEO services. We know have built our own SEO tactics, and that’s why it’s so easy for us to rank websites in search engines. We offer our services for both well-established affiliate businesses and new ones that need more links and authority in Google’s eyes. Let’s take a look at the difference:

For Old Affiliate Businesses

If you’ve been in business for some time and you have a database of affiliates that make sales for you, then you have established product sites which also attract visitors from search engines. These sites might have enough SEO value, because of affiliate links, that point to your product sites.

Being a niche insider, we are amazed that most product sites rank pretty low in SERPs because of the number of on-page SEO problems. We’re here to help you to solve ALL of your SEO issues, which will lead you to the top rankings fast. How is that possible? These days, Google re-indexes sites fast and ranks accordingly if you remove the problem.

We have around 30 money sites that we analyze and use for SEO testing. It’s important today to have perfect on-page SEO, a low bounce rate, a high CTR from SERPs, to increase page load and stay mobile friendly.

Lots of factors play a role in Google’s algorithm. So we use SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tactics and not just SEO to rank sites in Google. It’s important to look better than your competitors (better links, content, on-page SEO, etc.) We introduce an Affiliate SEO package that includes:

  • Internal SEO audit (we analyze your website with SEO tools and by hand)
  • Keyword strategy (we build a relevant keyword list and add them to your website content)
  • CTR strategy (it’s important to build meta tags that not only include targeted keywords but also attract clicks)
  • Bounce rate strategy (we analyze your bounce rate to increase the time users stay on your pages by using special techniques)
  • Benchmarketing (we analyze traffic, incoming links, on-page SEO). We steal your competitors’ backlinks and list you there
  • We test your website in Google Search Console (indexing problems, page load speed, backward links, sitemaps, CTR, duplicate content issues)
  • We build a disavow file for you if needed
  • We create XML sitemaps
  • We implement the schema markup on your sites
  • We look at your current rankings in GSC(Google Search Console) to improve CTR and positions
  • We create a mobile-friendly, fast, schema markup to make your website Google-friendly and visible in SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages)

The price for this package is $X and it really helps sites to get rid of annoying issues, that steal and lower your rankings.

Link Building Package (60 high authority lifetime links monthly)

We investigate the reason for low rankings of your sites, whether there is a lack of authority links to your sites. We are offering our Link Building Package, which includes:

  • Affiliate directories listings (10)
    We have a list of well-ranked directories with do-follow links (there is a listing fee). It’s important to get listed on these sites, because the directories are high-ranked in Google, and they have high SEO metrics like Majestic TF, MOZ DA, These are human-edited directories that follow Google’s guidelines. There is no spam on the pages and you will see your competitors listed in these directories. We have our own sites listed on those sites too.
  • Guest posts on high traffic sites with good metrics (30 sites)
    We have a list of personal contacts of the administrators of highly trusted websites to make a guest post proposal (there is a listing fee). We have spent months finding blogs in the health niche with high metrics and traffic to establish good relationships. These are not just sites created for guest posting, we’re talking about regular health blogs, that accept advertising and guest posting, and it’s important to follow their posting guidelines (we carefully create content that can be accepted). These blogs are really powerful, and they do not provide guest posting services anywhere except through personal contact. You cannot just get an article with a do-follow link– these guest posts rank high in Google and attract traffic. Google gives more value to the reviews with links, which get traffic as well as the sites that post links naturally in quality articles.
  • Company profiles (10 sites)
    We will register your company on Web 2.0 sites, which allow placing do-follow links (there is a listing fee). These are high-ranked, spam-free authority profile sites, that accept company listings for free if you follow their posting guidelines. We carefully add your information and create content and graphics if needed.
  • 5 reviews on our own highly ranked money sites
    We will publish your review on 15 of our money sites, which are distributed over different shared hosting accounts. These reviews can get high rankings in Google and attract new affiliates. We’re talking about our own money sites, ones that we have never spammed with low-quality links. You can check the rankings of these We create reviews of your program or product site, which will rank high in Google and will publish a direct link to your site on them.
  • 10 links from high-authority indexed Web 2.0 sites with a clean history (2+ years). We build a new post or use an old one. We’re talking about our own sites, which are indexed and ranked. We have our own reviews on those sites indexed by Google.
  • 10 EDU links from universities and we have a list of well-trusted EDU sites, that allow adding new content and links. A lot of niche-based sites are top ranked because of these links.
  • YouTube SEO
    We can create a video on every product/affiliate program you promote and add it to your YouTube channel with links. Google rates those videos in SERPs and you can also add links and attract traffic to your sites. We can show you how we do it– we have around 50 YouTube videos ranked with thousands of real viewers.

We take care of all of the jobs behind the link-building process:

  1. We create content for you
  2. We post content for you with formatting, pictures, and videos
  3. We contact site owners
  4. We register new accounts for you
  5. We create a scenario and build videos for you
  6. We post videos and make SEO + placing links
  7. We make payments for guest post listings, directory listings
  8. We open a YouTube channel if needed
  9. Your links will be indexed accordingly. If not – we will replace some unsuccessful listings
  10. We build SEO reports

The price is $X. We can build different kinds of content for you, and the price will be individual and will depend on the quality and word count. One high-quality post of 500 words = $X = around $X in the package (50 posts). We will post the links within 30 days (we need 10 days more to make sure everything is posted).

How to Make Affiliate SEO in 2019

The last Google updates showed that affiliates are not welcome in Google. If you have a money site with the look of an affiliate site, you can expect to be punished in SERPs one way or another.

For New Affiliate Programs

If you have just run your affiliate program or are going to do so, we’re here to help you to build a strong affiliate SEO strategy from the outset to avoid possible mistakes. We will help you to get high rankings for your product and your affiliate program sites.

We have plenty of experience in ranking sites as well as creating high conversion offers that generate sales. We are offering you an Affiliate SEO Patronage package, which includes internal and external SEO tactics for strong Google ratings.

We’re going to make your sites authoritative to gain fast and long-lasting rankings, that will not be affected by algorithmic updates. The Affiliate Patronage package includes our Affiliate SEO package and the Link Building package mentioned above. The price per package = $X (you can save $X by ordering all SEO services at once).

Why Choose us for SEO?

  • We have a large database of quality guest posts we post links on
  • We build authority links, not just garbage links that are sold on forums
  • We do not do SPAM
  • We create quality articles that drive traffic and sales
  • We create and maintain good-looking company and product profiles
  • We have 16 years’ experience in affiliate SEO
  • We practice SEO on 30 of our affiliate sites and we do our own SEO research
  • Our sites are rated TOP 10-30 in Google for all of the terms we target
  • We cover all of the SEO aspects needed to promote your sites and increase rankings
  • We use the best SEO tools and SEO strategies, all of which we have personally tested
  • We create quality and valuable content to rank your sites, that visitors love
  • We use formatting to make our posts authoritative in Google’s eyes
  • We use SEO tools to track ranking changes every minute
  • We build SEO reports for clients, that are easy to read and understand
  • We can buy auction expired domains for you
  • We make SEO for you as we do it for our own sites because we are your affiliates


What kind of content do you provide?

We make product/program reviews for search engines and visitors. We order content from trusted copywriters, who write for our money sites. This kind of content is of high quality and may be placed on money sites to make sales. We do not create low-quality texts to avoid the Google Panda algorithm.

How much does content cost?

We charge $X for 500 words of content. This is a fair price for the content type we deliver.

Can I provide my own content for link building?

You can provide us your own content, which must be high quality and relevant for us post it.

What is the guest post placement fee?

Every blog gives us its own price today. We will give you the list of target sites, so you can choose. The prices are changing all the time. We will send our guest posting request to get fresh prices.

What is the directory placement fee?

The prices are different, so we will send you the list of top directories to discuss the placement as a total price.

Can I see the examples?

Of course, we will give you an example of every link we provide.

What kind of video will you create?

We will create a video using pictures and text in video service. We create a scenario to make the video useful for visitors. We send you the video and text with a link for posting, or we can create your video channel.

Do you provide support?

Of course, you will be connected to the ASANA task manager, where you can send us your questions.

How can you make sure the links stay live?

Well, we can guarantee lifetime posting for links that we control (our own sites). We also check links on guest blogs. If some of the guest posts disappear, we will do a replacement for free.

Can I edit content and create a good-looking sales copy?

A lot of the articles we provide will get top rankings and we will provide additional copywriting and formatting options to create good-looking sales copies for you, for an additional price.

For whom do you offer SEO services?

We have created our service exclusively for our clients (we work as affiliates with 15 companies in total). If some of these clients do not accept our offer, we can accept other clients.