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Parasite SEO Course for Early Birds 

You'll get 1 lesson in your members' area every day starting from Jan 15. The full course will be available on Feb10 (all modules/chapters/lessons). The price for early birds will be $69(the full price will be $126). I am starting my sales on Jan 15. All subscribed early birds will get the payment link on Jan 15. Get access now to get notified and discounted as an early bird.

Some Insights About the Course

How to find powerful parasite platforms for posting and ranking. Detailed review, step-by-step usage

How to build conversion funnels inside the parasite posts to make affiliate sales

How to scale your parasite SEO strategy, create 50+ accounts, hundreds of posts

Keyword research, competition analysis, benchmarketing tatics, internal parasite SEO

How to find the best nutra affilate programs to earn up to $325 in commissions from a single sale

Content generation with ChatGPT for all your parasites. SEO and Sales copies, the best prompts

A Special Price for Early Birds(Parasite SEO)

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Sales starts on Jan 10

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
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About the Author(Rumer)

As a top affiliate in many famous health-related affiliate programs and an experienced SEO specialist, I have created and promoted my affiliate websites for 20 years.

As a solo webmaster, I have earned more than $1,000,000 in my career. I started to interlink websites on free hostings in 2004. After that, I got advanced knowledge of Google's algorithms and tried everything in SEO.

I am the owner of the Affiliate Credo Youtube channel that has almost 1000 subscribers. I have created more than 50 videos on Parasite SEO, Expired Domains, SEO and Affiliate techniques.

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