Affiliate Program Audit
one time
One time service
This package is FREE and suitable for testing the partner program and identifying the errors that are currently hindering sales
Product websites analisys (up to 5)
Affiliate website analysis
On-page marketing analysis
SEO analysis
Sales Funnel analysis
Technical analysis
Reputation analysis
Web-Design and creatives
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Affiliate Business Strategy
This package provides the strategy and tactics development for your affiliate program
You will get your complete strategy for 2018
Full website SEO plan
Websites technical advice
On-Page marketing tactics
Newsletter marketing plan
The discount offers strategy
Affiliate Program Advertising
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Affiliate Patronage
This package includes the contents of the two packages as well as some additional options
It includes the FULL marketing support
Work flow automation
Complete marketing strategy
Advertising strategy
Niche analysis
Technical support
Full SEO support
Web-Design and Creatives support
Content marketing plan
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“Affiliate Audit” – FREE


This package is FREE and suitable for testing the partner program and identifying the errors that are currently hindering sales:

Analysis of your product websites (SEO analysis, UX, sales funnel, calls to action, technical analysis, web design, analysis of shopping cart and order confirmation, content analysis, copywriting)
 Analysis of your affiliate program website and functionality (sales funnel and content)
 Analysis of the marketing component in the member’s area of the affiliate program
 Rapid analysis of the partner websites to identify their weaknesses in terms of product sales
 Analysis of competitors and their best partnership practices
SEO analysis (we’re looking for critical errors in internal and external SEO)

This package includes a brief report about your current marketing, SEO, and technical errors, looking for any issues that are depriving you of sales and income today. It’s always useful to test your business and we want to do it for FREE today. [Special offer ends in 24 hours]

Suitable for:

 Affiliate programs that decided to resume work
 Dormant affiliate programs that have not introduced any updates for a long time
 Affiliate programs that need changes to grow up in sales and income

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“Affiliate strategy”

This package provides the strategy and tactics development for your affiliate program under the prevailing market competition. The plan will be designed as goals in the Asana task manager, as well as a PDF document with specific links, text, and ideas.

What is it needed for?
Thanks to our devised strategy, you will no longer waste your time, money, and energy on useless work to develop any affiliate. From now on, you will only work in an effective direction with affiliates, which will ensure stable growth. The package includes:

 Technical analysis: we create a detailed plan for fixing technical mistakes in the work of your software, UX, SEO, and websites. We are concerned with the security of your sites.
Benchmarking: we analyze your competitors and give specific recommendations on which sites you should place links, buy advertising for traffic and sales growth, and partner registrations. We reveal the secrets of the success of your competitors, which you can immediately apply in your work.
 SEO: We create for you a specific strategy for increasing your search position in Google, expanding your search CTR and the amount of targeted traffic to your product sites and the affiliate site.
 On Page Marketing: we give concrete recommendations in setting up on-page marketing on your sites: how to write an effective sales funnel, what content to add, how to design, what design, and which web technologies to use.
 Newsletters: we create a content plan for mailouts, and also advise on the segmentation of your subscriber database.
 Marketing analysis: we give recommendations for tracking all KPIs of your business, allowing you to make effective offers on your sites.
 Special offers: we give ready-made ideas and a plan for working with discounts on your website, what promotions to release and when, and how to use them for the maximum increase in sales and profits.
 Promotion: we create your unique and personalized plan of recommendations for promotion of your affiliate program, following the specifics of its offers.

For whom will this be beneficial?
This will be helpful for any affiliate business that already exists and wants to develop competently and effectively in 2018.
Mode of service: ONE TIME

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“Affiliate Patronage”

This package includes the contents of the two packages identified above:  “Affiliate Audit”, “Affiliate Strategy”,  as well as some additional options.

It is based on a monthly subscription and is ideal for those companies that want to entirely delegate the maintenance of their affiliate program regarding advertising, usability, SEO, technical analysis, and promotion.

What is it needed for?
Your affiliate business needs constant monitoring, analytics, new implementations, A/B testing, new strategies and tactics, and sometimes rebranding. Thanks to a competent affiliate marketing strategy, which we will be pursuing continuously, you will invest your time and money in the guaranteed growth of your affiliate business.

The package includes marketing analysis, technical analysis, SEO analysis, content-audit, promotion of affiliate program, creative development and brand analysis.

Marketing Analysis

 We put tracking tags on all your sites;
We automate information about all indicators of the effectiveness of your affiliate program: sales, traffic, and partner activity.
We prepare actual marketing campaigns for you, think through all the mechanics, and compile a statement of work for your technical specialists.
We form a ready-working plan for advertising affiliate programs and product sites, covering marketing, conversion, and sales growth.
We track how your competitors are developing and quickly adapt their best tactics.
We monitor all significant changes in your niche to keep your offers up-to-date
We look at how your partners represent your products on their websites.
We think through ideas for partner mailouts, and prepare a ready-made content plan for their mailing lists.

Technical Analysis and Statement of Work Compilation

 We conduct a technical review of all your sites and affiliate system;
We compile a statement of work for your technical specialists to optimize and refine the functionality of your site.
We monitor all 404 errors on your site.
 Track your software updates;
We are engaged in questions regarding the safety of your software operations.
 We are involved in upgrading software.
 We work on your brand identity and brand authority to increase the brand awareness and likelihood

The search positions of sites today change almost every day, and the fluctuation of rankings has become almost permanent. You cannot afford to lose insights on the latest practices and tools in SEO. We can do for you the following:

 Draw up a plan for SEO activities (internal optimization, technical optimization, link building strategy)
 Analysis of competitors’ strategies (their backlinks, internal optimization, meta tags)
 Analysis of methods for obtaining leads by your competitors (where and how to gain the same lead)
 Fix SEO mistakes on your sites
 Remove poor-quality backlinks (via the Disavow tool), which prevent the site from developing
 Clean the site of inefficient pages
 Monitor the speed of your site, and how it displays on mobile devices
 Track the site in Google Webmaster Tools
 Preparation of statements of work
 Full technical preparation of the site for ranking in Google

Advertising Creatives, Web Design
High-quality key visuals are needed to promote your products on affiliate sites and design your product sites and landing pages. It is essential to create the right promotional content and landing pages for different traffic channels.

We regularly:
 Offer ideas for new advertising banners for your partners
 Evaluate the design of your landings and provide statements of work for the designer
 Make a plan for updating various design elements on your site
 If you launch new products, we will help to compile the statements of work for those specialists and come up with a design for the product site
 Develop a brand style or provide a complete rebranding

Content marketing
Your current content on the site needs improvements. You need to create a competent sales funnel by structuring and segmenting the site content and design, text, and graphics.

We will advise you on updating the content of your site, your offers, landing pages, and the content of the affiliate program. This applies to your affiliate sites, product sites, and directly to your admin area.

Special offers and discounts strategy
Special offers, discounts, and sales attract the lion’s share of sales to merchant sites. But, unfortunately, only a few will seriously develop effective strategies for discount programs and special offers. But these are the merchants who can increase sales during the off-season, and increase sales approaching the holidays (Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc).

We will work out a plan for you, for releasing special offers and discount programs that will be thought out, tested, and launched on a schedule.

What that gives: thanks to the introduction of a discount work strategy, you will receive full control on the growth of your sales. Moreover, such programs are useful not only on product sites but also for partners that can be motivated by sales growth, as well as special bonuses.

Additionally, we offer web development, web design, layout, partner software updates, installation of new software, and transferring your old database onto new software.

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