No cooperation

95% of the affiliate programs we worked with did not cooperate actively with partners to enhance their work.

Affiliate software

Most of the affiliates did not work on updating the affiliate software

Outdated materials

80% of the affiliates had an outdated database of promotional materials

Sleeping affiliate programs

90% of the affiliates did not work on adding new information and news

Incorrect stats

A half of the affiliates had technical problems in calculation of clicks/sales, timely payments

Affiliate promotion

In most cases affiliate programs do not help their affiliates in promotional campaign

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Promo materials

Merchants did not update any promo materials for years

Product pictures

It's so important to give your affiliates quality product pictures. But merchants forgot about their affiliates

Mobile marketing

A lot of sponsors do not have mobile friendly sites or their affiliate software is not mobile friendly

Affiliate help

98% of affiliates did not audit the sites of their partners to increase their sales

Lost in the mail

Up to 30% of affiliates did not receive your message about tracking system changes

Brand recognition

99% of affiliate programs were not interested in how their products are placed, advertised and presented in public

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Ask your affiliates

99% of affiliate programs have never collected the opinions of partners about the products

Best practices

We have never received from merchants any ready to follow strategies on how to sell their products


It's important to talk with your affiliates and take surveys to understand how your affiliates perceive you


Only a few use forum to communicate to their affiliates and discuss problems

Program presenation

In most cases merchants forgot to present their products, their affiliate offers, money making opportunities

Multi-language support

Most of the merchants do not support the multi language business model