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My name is Andy, and I have been engaged in Affiliate Marketing for the last 16 years. As part of a strong and motivated team, we create and promote Rating-and-Review sites in the Health & Beauty category. Today, I am the CEO of an Affiliate Marketing Agency called AffiliateFredo, which provides services to companies that manage their affiliate program for which the affiliate business is not that isn’t just a hobby, but also a credo and calling.

Over the years, we have accumulated vast experience in sales from partner sites and are ready to provide professional services and support in developing a reliable growth strategy for your affiliate program.

During this time, we have created dozens of websites and thousands of articles, studied and implemented many marketing and SEO tactics, and made thousands of sales to various affiliate programs. We are now top-level partners for many affiliate businesses, giving you 100% of our effort because we work with merchants directly.

What do we do?
We engage in the following consulting services for:
• Benchmarking
• Strategic Marketing
• Search Engine Marketing
• Conversion Rate Optimization
• Technical Analysis for Sites
• Building Turnkey Sites
• Analysis of Affiliate Businesses

We work directly with your product sites, Rating-and-Review sites of your partners and affiliate system, through which communication between you and the partners is on-going.

Our primary goal is to correct mistakes in your affiliate marketing strategy, SEO, sales funnel structure, technical setup of sites and partner system, as well as a comprehensive affiliate business model for its scaling. We form a comprehensive plan for the development of your partner program and consider all critical aspects of the affiliate marketing process.

We are focused exclusively on the growth of conversion, sales, and profits of your partners and the company as a whole. We are constantly creating and implementing the latest marketing practices and tools for increasing partner sales. It is our main driving force at AffiliateFredo.

How can you evaluate the result of our work?
As soon as we begin to actively implement changes in your work, you’ll see immediate results. We’ll show you:
• Visual changes to your sites
• How your affiliate system has changed
• Selling activity of partners
• Your position in the market
• Visitor behavior on the site from involvement to increased number of views
• How the average check grows
• Average conversion
• How sales profits rise

Don’t do it all yourself!
All too often, merchant companies managing affiliates lose a substantial profit only because they leave out essential elements of the chain of sales in the partner business.
The most crucial problem of the partner business is blindness about their sites. You get used to them, to your work, to your routine and stop noticing apparent things that need updates, change of course in practice, new tools, analytics and testing, and new ideas in affiliate marketing.

That is why we do what we do. We have an unobstructed view and approach and know what to look for with regards to marketing, SEO, support, maintenance, and the updating of the business model for your affiliate program. We’re experts in the industry of affiliate marketing and we’d love to help you achieve even greater success.

What exactly can we do?
We provide not only consulting services within the framework of the development of the partner business, where we have proved our effectiveness but we also independently develop the professional design of product sites, update or introduce new partner software, optimize its work, motivate partners to sell your goods and services and provide them with actual help in organizing sales on the site.

Today there are two main directions in our work: consulting and support.

Consulting includes the formation of a strategy for the development of your business by our in-depth analysis: the evaluation of SEO, conversion rate, affiliate functionality, interaction with partners, product catalog analytics, benchmarking. We thoroughly test your business and form a competent growth strategy, which you can implement right now on your own or with our help.

Support is the second direction of our work. That includes actual work on the implementation of changes in your business according to the strategy we have developed in the following areas:
• Site update, web design and programming
• Creating marketing content
• Continuous contact with partners for increased performance
• SEO, work on attracting links to the site, and promotion of affiliate programs
• Analysis of competition and testing of niche
• Analysis of functionality of partner system from updating and beyond

When you work with us, you get everything you need: from a competent development and sales plan to its implementation by our specialists.

Why can we do such a job even better than you?
Because we know what it’s like to be a partner, what real problems worry partners in working with commodity sites and affiliates today, and we have the experience to back it up.

What does your affiliate need to grow?
First of all, you need to understand correctly your target audience, your marketing proposal and its market value, the real competitive advantages of the product, the actual sales funnel, the marketing channels of the visitor’s communication with the brand, the compelling logic of presenting products on partner sites and solving the central issues of potential customers.

That’s all you get?
And what about the interaction of partners with your affiliate? Sometimes it is not enough to offer a set of links to partners who are capable of tracking sales and clicks. Inside the partner system, it is possible and necessary to build a productive dialogue with partners and correctly position the product sites, offering partners useful promotional materials, an extended system of statistics, plus tools for advanced tracking of conversions and sales.

Merchants and partners today must deal primarily with CRO-Conversion Rate Optimization and be in a constant state of analysis and improve the effectiveness of indicators: KPI, CR, and CTR.

You need to help partners who earn money for you today regularly: create useful reviews for them, correct their mistakes in submitting information, offer the best practices in selling specific products, help build a competent sales funnel, and help in a technical analysis of their sites.

About analytics and technical updates
Have you ever thoroughly analyzed the sites of partners? Did you pay attention to their outdated information about your products in the reviews? How many years have these reviews gone without updates?

And what about the increased buyer’s requirements for the product and the seller?
You probably noticed how the behavior of buyers on your product sites is changing. Today, user requests for the product and online purchases are growing by quantum leaps. The user desires to receive information about the product where it is convenient and as he wants. In this struggle for the buyer, the one wins whose proposal is designed better, more accessible, easier to understand and solves the problems of people is the one who wins. Many affiliate businesses are not ready to create such modern proposals today, even if they have a valuable product on the market. Let us help you with this.
AffiliateFredo is a company that goes beyond providing services. We are active participants in affiliate programs and we will test your offers on our sites to ensure success.

AffiliateFredo works with only the select few
Can you be one of them? There are thousands of affiliates in the Health and Beauty niche and each of them needs help, but we take on service only for select companies to ensure our guaranteed results. Let us help you today before your competitor enlists our services and we must respectfully decline. Order our free audit of your business today to gain reliable and long-term assistance in Affiliate Marketing. We’d love to help!

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